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Purchase and Sales Manager (M/F).

Reporting to the General Management, you will work alone or as part of a team with our sales engineers, in direct contact with our clients or prospects, and, as appropriate, with the support of our organizational, functional, financial, and technical experts. You are capable of handling large projects and managing a cross-functional team of experts and consultants on a case. Conversely, you are also capable of handling a response to a tender on your own, including all its components (technical proposal, financial aspects, business plan, business model).

Your missions :

  • Respond to opportunities (tenders, applications, prospecting, etc.) based on specific developments and services and/or internal or partner offerings or components.
  • Actively participate in the qualification of tenders.
  • Build response schedules.
  • Determine the characteristics of the files and the strengths to win them.
  • Do or oversee the modeling of software and technical architectures.
  • Summarize the process to be implemented.
  • Participate, or even lead, oral presentations for tenders.
  • Analyze customer needs and the market in order to propose and build service offerings.
  • Write technical and commercial proposals.
  • Develop business plans.
  • Build or oversee the key components of workload, management, engineering, and technical positions.
  • Be versatile in handling project or custom-type files and files based on existing offerings or components. Keep abreast of regulatory developments, technological advancements, and competition.
  • Be the support for the sales force.
  • Support the sales engineers in their efforts.
  • Conduct pre-sales presentations.
  • Ensure the presentation of proof of concept (POC) or prototypes.
  • Ensure the transfer of skills to the sales teams.
  • Support the project management teams.
  • Support project managers by providing expertise and daily advice, as well as during project initiation.
  • Participate, if necessary, in the initiation of complex and sensitive projects.

Your technical skills.

  • Knowledge of multi-component service offerings: Information systems, dematerialization processes, major internet services, IT operation and hosting, development methodology, Back Office, Front Office, etc.
  • Construction and updating of macro schedules and workload plans.
  • Solution management: ability to build a functional and technical solution/architecture.
  • Bid management: ability to build cost estimates/business plans during the pre-sales phase.
  • Technical response management: leading cross-disciplinary teams and challenging them: functional architects/business analysts, IT/infrastructure architects, software architects/developers, operations/production engineers.
  • Overall response management: project sense, acquired through leading several responses and projects of BUILD type and several projects of RUN type in a fixed-price engagement context.
  • Mastery of technological and regulatory aspects related to dematerialization and flow management.
  • Ability to model and formalize.
  • Writing skills.
  • Project management proficiency.
  • Mastery of development methodologies: agile (Scrum, SAFe, etc.), V-cycle.
  • Proficiency in office tools: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Your personal and general skills:

  • Leadership and the ability to rally.
  • Rigorous and methodical.
  • Autonomous and creative.
  • Pragmatic.
  • Strong persuasive ability.
  • Service-oriented.
  • Listening skills.
  • High commitment over short durations.
  • Customer-oriented.

Years of required experience.

  • With a higher education degree at the Bachelor’s or Master’s level (Bac + 4/5), you have at least 2 years of experience in pre-sales in the field of information systems in Switzerland.
  • You have previously undertaken similar missions, won major strategic and/or financial contracts (deals exceeding 0.5 million CHF), can provide tangible evidence of this, and come from fields such as Studies and Development, Infrastructure, Management, or Consulting.
  • Your experience has focused on significant contracts in a fixed-price context.
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